3 Tips for choosing Thé

What is the difference between cheap tea and quality tea?

My first advice:
Don't be booby-trapped by well-packaged products. Sometimes the beautiful packages are there to hide a poor quality of tea.

Second Council:
Remember to ask which part of the tea is made up of the tea you are interested in, this will allow you to measure the price quality ratio.

There are several ways to harvest this one:

  1. Harvest of the bud:
    It contains between 12 and 15 % antioxidant, flavor and finesse.
  2. Harvesting the leaves:
    The tea leaves contain less antioxidants than the buds while remaining tasty. These teas are found at suitable prices.
  3. Harvest of lower stems and upper stems:
    The teas made of stems are the least expensive of the market.
    The tea is not bad, it is often accompanied by aromas. The antioxidant feature on the stems was found but only at 2-5 %.

Third Council:
Choose your tea according to your habits.
If usually you like to enjoy your tea late in the evening then in this case promote a tea that does not contain a tea, such as the rooibos which is considered the national drink of South Africa. The rooibos is not quite a tea, it comes from a plant in the legume family. This product is found in granulated form. The latter may drink nature or flavor for those who have difficulty and do not support caffeine (such as children).

You can find excellent Rooibos In our shop.

The Green tea Can be consumed all day as opposed to Black tea Which contains a large quantity of thein. It will be consumed mainly in the morning at breakfast.

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