4 Teas to stop the cigarette

Tobacco addiction is a habit difficult to break. The main ingredient of the tobacco, the nicotine, is one addictif powerful. Currently, there is not magical pill to help people to cease smoking.

However there are some products which can help to relieve the symptoms of weaning.


Green tea in is fragrant with her of Mimosa

When that a smoker gets ready to stop the cigarette, during the first days and even of the first hours, he can feel anxiety as well as headaches.The association of is fragrant with her of mimosa (The Mimosa is a bush with winter blossoming) in a green tea will allow you to benefit from many beneficial effects. This cocktailpeace and relaxant a feeling of will bring you peace inside.

A cup of green tea linked to some leaves of mimosa will give one to the smokers relief temporary.

Green Tea in the Jasmine

The green tea in the jasmine has feature to be at the same time one sedative and one relaxant. More important still, he acts as oneantioxidizerswho help to struggle against the increase of dependency which tobacco addiction creates.



Green tea in the Ginger


When you will try to give up smoking, you will be probably slightly queasy. This is one of the symptoms the most common which the smokers feel when they try to give up smoking. To struggle against this nausea, you will be able to consume of the ginger brewed in a green tea. This mixture will appease your stomach and your nausea. And he could even prevent you from coming back to the cigarette to relieve you.


Green tea in the Grapes

The grapes are very known to be one detoxifying natural efficient hyper. It is linked to acids which it contains. Link the green tea to the grapes and you will get an efficient drink for clean toxins (nicotine) ingested coming from the cigarette. This drink which your weaning will move fasterwill also diminish the symptoms of this one. Drink a tea to the grapes regularly (1 a day during the stopping).

If you search some of it produced see patients our list

Good tasting.

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