Discovering cardamom

Generally used as seeds or powder in many Asian and especially Indian dishes, cardamom is a green spice with a lemony, peppery, and sweetly menthol taste in the aftertaste. With its strong fragrance, cardamom is very often used in Chinese medicine in order to overcome digestive problems. Learn more about cardamom.

Cardamom: a spice with many benefits

Although many experts strongly advise against the use of cardamom for people with cardiovascular problems, note that this spice contains many elements good for the body:

Cardamom: an excellent remedy for digestion problems

Cardamom used in meals as a spice or consumed as an infusion can be a great way to combat indigestion, speed up food digestion, reduce flatulence, but also reduce abnormal acidity of stomach and acid upwelling thanks to its many antacid properties.

Make weight healthy with cardamom!

With the large amount of fiber contained in cardamom, this spice is ideal for good intestinal transit and good nutrient assimilation. Thus, by offering you a functional digestive system, cardamom allows you to lose weight healthily and quickly.

Cardamom is also an excellent painkiller. Rich in vitamin B2, it is a spice with highly analgesic properties. It has therefore been used for several years against muscle pain and especially dental pain.


How to choose and keep your cardamom?

Cardamom can be purchased commercially as a seed or already crushed. However, it is recommended to opt for the seeds to be sure of the purity of your spice. Note that depending on its origin, cardamom may have a green or white color.

Once your cardamom has been purchased and crushed, it is advisable to keep it in a tightly sealed jar. Like most spices, cardamom must be protected from light, humidity and heat for optimal preservation.

How to prepare your cardamom?

Cardamom can be used in herbal or infusion, but is used very frequently in combination with other spices to season vegetables, fruits and meats. In pastry, cardamom is found in desserts such as mousses, cakes, bread, or fruit compotes.  

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