Ballooning: herbal goods and plants that will help you

Belly bloating is a recurrent digestive disorder that many people suffer from. Although it is generally non-serious, several solutions can be adopted to relieve themselves. Among these, herbal teas and infusions are particularly recommended. These are in fact gentle, natural and simple methods, but super effective.

Sage tisane to reduce bloating

Recognized and used by many traditional medicine practitioners for its many benefits, sage also relieves bloating. To use it for this purpose and get the expected result, just make a tisane. In boiling water, dry or fresh sage leaves should be placed. One or two teaspoons is enough for a cup. Then leave to infuse for 10 minutes and drink it hot. Some recommend using it several times a day, but it is still best to ask a doctor for confirmation.

Expel intestinal gases with basil

Praised in the kitchen for its aromatic leaves, basil also has medicinal properties. Indeed, its antispasmodic properties are a powerful means of relieving certain digestive disorders, including bloating. Very accessible in the trade, some even grow it at home. To make a tea, simply infuse its dried leaves in boiling water for 10 minutes before filtering it. According to some 2 to 4 daily intakes would be enough to reduce or stop bloating.

Angelica to avoid aerophagia and bloating

Appreciated for its immune properties, angelica remains a very useful medicinal plant. In addition to bloating, it can fight many diseases. To make use of it against belly swelling, we use its roots that will be the basis of our herbal life. The aim will be to boil the water and add angelica powder roots (preferably). The recommended dose would be 10g per 200ml of water. After an infusion of about 10 minutes, you will have to filter it and you can then consume it. Some recommend 1 cup a day, but this can vary depending on people and other factors, so don't hesitate to ask a professional. 

Fennel, a super-effective carminative plant against bloating

Fennel helps relieve intestinal gases due to poor digestion. Indeed, its tisane helps to reduce bloating as well as flatulence. To make it, infuse fennel seeds in boiling water for at least 10 minutes, then filter. Taking this drink before the meal and before bed helps to get rid of the bloating.

In short, not necessarily need medicine against bloating! A herbal life made from these different plants and many others helps relieve it.

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