Mate and its slimming benefits

Mate is a plant native to South America. The dried leaves of the plant are becoming increasingly popular around the world. Known as yerba maté, its leaves are eaten as an infusion. Do not hesitate to consult our article to learn how to do it use.

In Argentina, mate takes over from coffee and tea. And for good reason, this infusion is a drink that has many positive health effects. Mate also has the advantage of being a major ally for anyone wishing to start a slimming diet. Drinking the infusion regularly promotes weight loss. It also helps with its properties to control and stabilize the weight. The slimming properties of the plant are reflected in its action on:

  • appetite;
  • elimination of calories;
  • energy expenditure;
  • intestinal transit;
  • lipolysis;
  • and cellulite.

The action of mate on appetite

Mate helps regulate appetite and stabilize it. This effect which could be compared to an appetite suppressant effect is largely due to the notable presence of caffeine in the yerba mate. The stabilization of the appetite results in a longer presence of the food bolus in the stomach. According to some experts, this property of mate to prolong satiety had been discovered by the Guarani Indians who were the first consumers. It has been approved in various contemporary clinical trials.

Mate: fat burner

Its caffeine content gives it a draining action as part of regular consumption. Mate plays a significant role in burning fat, as it helps with the elimination of calories. The action of mate on the body then results in the activation of lipolysis. In addition, thanks to the vitamins it contains, mate helps to eliminate carbohydrates.

In addition to the caffeine it contains, mate is also rich in saponins. This combination of active ingredients makes it a powerful energizer allowing an increase in the basic metabolism. The slimming power of the plant is more significant when combined with the practice of a regular physical activity.

Improved intestinal transit

Once consumed, mate promotes the production of gastric acids and better bile flow, thus helping to improve intestinal transit. It therefore allows better digestion and is an ideal adjuvant for people who suffer from bloating and constipation. It limits the risk of suffering from a swollen belly and can therefore be consumed as part of a program to obtain a flat stomach.

Cellulite reduction

The property of mate to promote the reduction of lipids makes it an excellent asset in the context of the fight against cellulite. Cellulite is an unsightly, subcutaneous fatty mass, affecting people of various body sizes and more frequently women.

The action of mate on cellulite is explained by the plant's ability to act on adipose tissue. Thanks to its effect on the kidneys, mate also eliminates water. One of the factors that causes cellulite is water retention. In order to feel convincing effects on cellulite, it is important to consume it as an infusion cure.
Good tasting !

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