Choose the right honey to sweeten your tea!

Sweeten your tea with honey

Tea is a popular drink consumed worldwide. Its health benefits there are many. It is usually sweet in order to soften its taste and natural value. This is the use of a sweetener (either sugar or honey). For most tea lovers, the question of choosing honey to sweeten their tea doesn't really arise. But some can't tell the difference between the role of sugar and honey in beverages. In order to get you to sweeten your tea withhoney rather than sugar, we have decided to introduce you to the properties and virtues of honey as a sweetener, and the type of honey you need to choose to sweeten your tea.

What is honey?

Honey, as you know, is a sweet substance. It has the distinction of being produced by bees from the nectar of the flowers they forage. There are several types and varieties of honeys depending on the region of the world. For example, there are lime honey, blueberry honey, orange blossom honey, eucalyptus honey, fir honey, rapeseed honey, clover honey, alfalfa honey, sage honeyEtc. This bee product has been used by humans for tens of thousands of years, mainly to sweeten food.

What honey contains

Honey contains carbohydrates (fructose and glucose)) 80%, about 18% water, minerals and trace elements, proteins, antioxidants, vitamins (B2, B3, B9 and C), pollen and many other substances that are very beneficial to health.

Why choose honey to sweeten your tea?

Unlike sugar, honey has many virtues :
  • it strengthens the immune system ;
  • it is a calming against the sore throat ;
  • it makes it easier Digestion and the fight against Constipation ;
  • he fights insomnia ;
  • it eliminates the bad Cholesterol ;
  • it improves Performance Athletic.

What kind of honey to choose to sweeten your tea?

As you have just seen, there are several types of honeys whose taste can vary. There are also several types of teas. So, for example, green tea for example, it is advisable to use alfalfa, blueberry or sage honeys. For the first time, black or dark teaYou can use lime honey. This honey has the distinction of softening the often overly exciting appearance and taste of these types of teas. For white teas, the preference is made for alfalfa or epilobe honeys.

So choose the right honey for the type of tea you like!
Good tasting!

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