Five herbal teas effective against colds

Although they are very annoying, cold symptoms are usually mild. To get rid of it, you can consult a doctor or turn to natural solutions. If the latter option is suitable for you, then you should consume hot drinks like tea. You can also make herbal tea  with many active ingredients. Here are five infusions that will help you cure a cold in no time.


The infusion of thyme accompanied by honey and lemon

Still known as farigoule in Provence, thyme is a  aromatic plant with multiple antiviral properties  and antiseptics. To relieve and cure a cold, this plant is often consumed in infusion. To make this infusion, you just need to:
  • put a small amount of thyme in hot water;
  • let it sit for ten minutes;
  • Consume the resulting mixture hot.

If its taste does not suit you and you want to improve it, then add a spoonful of honey and lemon juice.


Treat a cold with a lemon infusion

Herbal tea with lemon is an excellent solution during the treatment of a cold, because this citrus contains  assets  which eliminate a wide variety of germs. For the realization of this infusion, it will first be necessary to wash an organic lemon which will be peeled alive. You must then pour boiling water over the zest, which will have been placed in a cup beforehand. After letting it steep for ten minutes,  strain and add your lemon juice.


Infuse bay leaf to treat a cold

Besides the fact that revitalize  for people with weakened bodies, bay leaves are also very helpful during the treatment of a cold when consumed as an infusion. To make this herbal tea, just pour over four  dry bay leaves  or fresh boiling water. After eight minutes, you will have to sweeten the tea with honey and why not add thyme. The mixture obtained should be consumed immediately.


Lavender infusion, an effective remedy for colds

The  lavender being a natural antiseptic, it acts effectively against colds thanks to its beneficial effect on the respiratory tract. The making of a lavender infusion is very easy. To do this, you need to bring a cup into which boiling water will be poured over a spoon of previously dried lavender leaves. The infusion obtained after ten minutes must then be consumed. For an effective result, repeat this action three times a day.


Overcome a cold with plantain infusion

Thanks to the many vitamins it contains,  plantain helps to quickly stop a cold. To make your plantain infusion, you must first put 1.5 g of dried leaves in a cup. Once done, pour boiling water into it and let it steep for ten minutes. You can then drink the infusion obtained after filtering it.


Good tasting !

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