How to flavour your tea?

Have you ever tasted flavoured teas? Have you ever wondered how these were made? It's time to discover the recipe. Here are the steps needed for the flavouring of teas.

What is flavoured tea?

Different from fragrant teas, flavoured tea has a flavour modified by the addition of a natural or synthetic aroma such as jasmine, bergamot, chrysanthemum, etc. From these different elements, you can flavour all the teas of your choice (white, green, yellow, etc.). Tea leaves also have special flavours and smells, which is why it is not recommended to keep them inside your kitchen..

To make your flavoured tea, here are two ways to help:

  • Spray essential oils or aromas;
  • Add pieces of petals or dried fruit (or spices) and mix by hand over several days.

Aromatization of teas

You can use the tea leaves of your choice to get an organic aroma. Here are some examples:

  • Black teas like Assam with cardamom, pink pepper;
  • Green teas like China's Sencha with various fruits;
  • Rooibos like natural red rooibos with spices and ginger.

Flavouring by perfumes

Here are some examples of perfumes you can use:

  • Candied fruit that can be easily stored;
  • Dried grapes and sliced dried bananas;
  • Dried apricots cut into small cubes and cranberries;
  • Herbs and spices such as cinnamon or cloves;
  • usable flowers and leaves such as chamomile, lavender, edible flower petals, etc.

The recipe

If you want to flavour teas in a handcrafted way, you will not encounter any difficulty. Just follow the steps below:

  • Pour 1/3 of the vial (to be adjusted according to your mood) of the aromatic compound into 20 g of tea;
  • Mix the tea leaves with the aroma so that they bind and soak in the aromatic compound;
  • Put it all in a small metal box or in a metal container;
  • Place the mixture in a refrigerator under 7oC for 3 days;
  • On the third day, take your time to balance the taste of your composition with rose buds, spices, etc.;
  • Refrigerate for 24 hours;
  • You can now consume your flavoured tea with its exclusive flavour.

Good tasting

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