How to store your tea?

Since tea is a dry product, we tend to think that its taste does not deteriorate, but it is in fact very volatile. It knows subtle variations depending on temperature, humidity, atmosphere or light, so it is essential to keep it properly.

The factors that influence the quality of tea can be divided into five categories:

  1. temperature ;
  2. humidity;
  3. oxygen;
  4. the light ;
  5. the smells.

Let's see how to regulate these factors so that the tea retains its full flavor.



Tea does not like heat. At high temperatures, the oxidation of chlorophyll and catechin (which is one of the most beneficial ingredients in tea) causes it to turn brown. Always remember to keep it in a cool place.



When the aquosity of tea leaves increases, this promotes their oxidation and therefore has a strong influence on their fragrance and color. It is important, once the box is opened, to close it properly or to transfer the tea into a container where moisture does not enter.



Oxygen causes oxidation of chlorophyll, catechin and vitamin C, which alters the taste of tea. Once opened, expel the air well from the package before closing it or place the tea in an airtight container.


The light

Light accelerates the decomposition of chlorophyll, altering the color of the leaves. It is important to keep the tea in a dark place or to use an opaque box or bag.


The smells

Since tea has strong deodorant effects, when it is not stored in an airtight container, it absorbs the odors around it, which changes its taste. Take care not to store it near very odorous products.


Placed in the fridge or freezer, an unopened tea can can be stored for a long time. If the tea is reheated quickly, the sudden change in temperature will alter its taste. It is therefore recommended to let it sit for 30 minutes at room temperature before using it. However, be careful, because once the box is opened, the tea easily absorbs odors from the refrigerator.


Good tasting !

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