How to consume your tea to lose weight?

It is true that green tea is often associated with a fat burner.

The various experiments suggest that regular consumption of tea combined with a few hours of exercise per week, could help you benefit from 100% of the benefits brought by tea.

In a study, researchers brought together regular consumers of tea and people who did not. The only common point between the 2 groups was the regular practice of the sport. Regular consumers used to drink up to 3-4 cups of green tea daily.

This experiment made it possible to highlight the difference in weight loss between the 2 groups: Among regular consumers, we could see an average weight loss of 1Kg more than non-tea drinkers.


Are flavored green teas as effective as unflavoured green teas?

According to some experts, "The benefits of green tea should not be diminished by adding flavorings." Obviously there is a condition that the flavoring does not contain sugar.

Our recommendation: Avoid teas with added sugar, and teas that contain synthetic flavors.


Is the quality of the tea important?

Yes, this is important. There are big differences from one brand to another (see article on tea bags). When you buy a tea take care to check the ingredients. Although green tea gives us a lot of benefits, it is not a sufficient source of vitamins. This is why it is better to turn to teas containing natural ingredients, without preservatives.


What to do if green tea is iced?

Don’t Panic! An iced green tea remains a green tea with the only detail that it will be consumed cold. It is true that the weight loss benefits are maximized when the tea is served hot.


Good tasting !

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