How to Get White Tea

White tea

Mainly produced in China, more precisely in the region of Fujian, the white tea  has a light, sweet and fresh aroma. Very delicate on the palate, white tea comes from a plant called Camellia Sinensis, which is the plant that is the source of green tea and black tea. White tea unlike other teas only includes the most tender buds of the tea plant.

White tea making

Unlike other teas, white tea is made in small quantities. However, its manufacture remains no less delicate. Its harvest, which takes place in three essential stages, takes place in the spring and requires specific climatic conditions. The stages of its harvest are:
  • gathering  during which only the buds and the two adjacent leaves are recovered;
  • withering  in the open air which lasts two days on average and during which the tea is spread out on shaded bamboo racks, and;
  • drying  which is carried out after the total evaporation of moisture.

Preparation of white tea

Until you prepare it, keep your tea in a cool, dry, dark place to prevent it from oxidizing.

Choice of teapot

It's important to choose a good teapot  because it will allow you to get better flavors. There are indeed a variety of teapots, each of which is intended for a specific use. For your tea, we advise you to opt for porcelain or glass teapots. The latter ‘'have no memory' and are recommended if you are preparing several varieties of tea. Also take care to scald your teapot and cups before using them so that they are at the right temperature.

Water and melting time

Too hard water from the tap is not recommended. Instead, use water likespring water, low in minerals. Also pay attention to the temperature of the water: hot water can burn the tea leaves.

Defined by its variety, the tea brewing timevaries between 30 seconds and several minutes. The infusion time will vary depending on the number of infusions and the tastes of each. Ask your dealer to find out the exact value. About the brew temperature, it varies enormously according to the teas and the habits of each, but we can say that a temperature varying between 60 and 80 ° could be enough.

The dosage of tea

The dosage is important because it will allow you to get the perfect taste during your tasting. The most meticulous will use a small kitchen scale. Otherwise you can go there feeling using a spoon for example. Take care to note your dosages and your infusion times so that you can reproduce a tasting that could have satisfied you.

Properly chosen teapot, quality water, respected infusion time and meticulously dosed tea: everything is there to have a good time.
Good tasting !

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