How can I make sure my tea is brewed in water at the right temperature?

What is the right temperature to brew my tea?

Preparing a cup of tea is an act performed by many people around the world. About 15,000 cups of tea are drunk every second. Infuse the tea is not necessarily an easy task for everyone to do. In particular with regard to the Temperature to which you have to infuse your tea as well as are brewing time. We soon got the brushes mixed up. There are more than 3,000 types of tea consumed worldwide.

There is another dilemma that is often encountered when brewing your tea. How do you make sure the water temperature is the ideal for the tea you are about to eat? This article addresses this topic.

What temperature for what tea?

The temperature at which your tea is brewed is decisive in the tasting. The fact that there are many kinds of teas, implies brewing times as well as temperatures that are also numerous. Not all teas have the same characteristics, the same requirements, the same quality... For this reason, brewing temperatures differ from one variety to another, from person to person. 

Temperature and brewing time: to remember but to take with tweezers because some teas need different temperatures and diffusion time from the information below. Indeed some teas can undergo several infusions (2, 3, 4, 5, ...) over durations that can evolve between each infusion (from a few seconds to a few minutes).
  • 70-80 degrees Celsius for white tea (1-2 minutes of brewing).
  • 70-80 C for Chinese green tea (2-5 minutes of brewing).
  • 50-90 C for Japanese green tea (1-3 minutes of brewing).
  • 70-85 c for white tea (4-10 minutes of brewing).
  • 95 degrees Celsius for Oolong tea (5-7 minutes of brewing).
  • 85-95 C for black tea and mate (3-5 minutes of brewing).
  • 95 degrees Celsius for the Rooibos and for herbal medicine (4-10 minutes of brewing).


What can I do without a tea kettle?

Not everyone has a kettle at home and can be even less a thermometer. In this case, how do we make sure that the temperature of the water used is ideal for brewing our tea?
Knowing the water temperature is not really complicated.

We know that water Boiling has a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius. When heating the water in a container:
  • 75 degrees Celsius, small bubbles form at the bottom.
  • at 80 degrees Celsius, the water starts to make noise; on the edge of the lid of the pan, small water beads form.
  • noises become dull and continuous up to 90oC.
  • at 95 degrees Celsius, no noise is heard, and sheepish water.
Determining the temperature of the water by sight and hearing is therefore a breeze. If you want to share tips you use to determine the temperature of your tea, please pass them on to us.
Good tasting

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