Discover the difference between lemon and lemon

The difference between lemon and lemon

Many people think lemon and lemon are similar ingredients. If you think so, this is an opportunity to learn more about lemons and lemons. Please read this article, it tells you their benefits and differences.

Lemon and its benefits

Lemons are the fruit of lemon trees ("shrubs up to 10 meters tall and long-lasting leaves"). This is a kind of orange, grapefruit, orange, etc. it is an excellent fruit in many fields, especially in the following aspects:
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Among other cooking uses, it can replace vinegar in the kitchen ("wash meat or fish or make salads"). Lemon is usually used for Effective treatment of facial stains and acnePage: 1 For example, in terms of hair care, it can control Appearance of film and prevention of hair falling. Rich in vitamin CWhen you drink its juice often, it can strengthen the immune system.

Lemon juice and its benefits

Lemons from India are a plant of the poacees family. It's a plant with long stems and leaves. It's good for health and kitchen. she Easy to digest, reduce intestinal problems, help relieve cough or fever. Therefore, its strong perfume repels mosquitoes and is used as a preservative for various purposes.

Some differences

Lemon and lemon are far from what we can imagine They're not a familyPage: 1 Lemon's name comes from the smell it gives (compared to the smell of lemon), or the smell of lemon when its leaves crumple.

In fact, lemon is a kind of Orange And lemonade is A tropical herb. A leafy plantheFrom the Rutas (the "Sapphire plant family") and Citronella (monocotyledons family)

Therefore, lemon juice also has Pseudo red trunkhowever Pure green or yellow lemon.

The latter is well known for its health and nutrition benefits, while lemon juice is well known not only for its food benefits, but also for its diet benefits. Antibacterial ("effectively and quickly repels insects.

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    Le citron est différent de la citronnelle.

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