Discover nutmeg and its benefits

A spice native to Indonesia, nutmeg is widely used in cooking for its distinctive smell and taste. A true source of copper, iron, zinc, calcium and antioxidants, nutmeg has many health benefits. Discover here in detail all the health benefits of this spice.

Nutmeg: an excellent remedy for digestive disorders

Do you very often suffer from digestive problems that manifest as discomfort or pain in the stomach, diarrhea, or nausea? Nutmeg is the spice to incorporate into your food routine! In fact, in addition to guaranteeing an excellent digestion of your food the nutmeg contains in high doses of myristicin a compound capable of eliminating the main agents responsible for digestive disorders.

Nutmeg for effective wrinkle control

Several studies conducted to combat the early installation of wrinkles have demonstrated the great potential of nutmeg to keep supple skin shiny and elastic. Thanks to its high zinc content, nutmeg plays the role of an excellent antioxidant by eliminating free radicals and ensuring a good renewal of cells. It is therefore advisable to incorporate it in small doses into your diet. 

Note that this spice could also be used successfully in the field of cosmetics since it also has compounds effective against UV rays and their impact on the skin.

Inflammation and respiratory problems: choose nutmeg

Nutmeg with the elements it contains is a great way to combat problems related to the respiratory system: flu, bronchitis, etc. Avoid inflammation and muscle pain after physical exercise, for example, by applying nutmeg essential oil to the affected areas for quick relief.

How to choose and store and consume your nutmeg? To be sure to make the right choice when buying your nutmeg, be sure to buy dry nuts with a beautiful brown hue. Keep them away from moisture and grate them yourself when using them to make the most of the virtues they have.

Note, however, that nutmeg in large quantities (about 20 g) can be seriously harmful to your health and your life.

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