Fight stress, drink Green Tea

Reduce stress by drinking a cup of green tea

Green tea, this infusion known for its therapeutic virtues, no longer appears. Its use has many advantages especially psychologically in reducing stress.
As you know, green tea is ideally consumed as an infusion or quite rarely as a salad. We obviously recommend that you eat quality organic green tea to avoid pesticide-laden teas and miss out on some of its benefits.

What are the effects of green tea on stress?

Green tea is the perfect infusion for people with a hectic daily life and nerves. The rumour that tea has benefits on the body when it is put to the test is increasingly being verified.
Indeed, a study led by researchers concluded thata high consumption of this tea could reduce stress. In addition, it was found that the consumption of green tea contributed to the decrease in depressive diseases among the young and the elderly.
You've probably heard this before: Green tea has a large amount of antioxidants: catechin, as well as Theanine is a kind of amino acid that has relaxing effects and that contributes to the reduced nervousness.
To reduce the stress level in your body, some experts recommend taking up to 5 cups of this tea a day. But let us remain reasonable and careful by following a tip we gave you in a previous article: "3 cups a day" and to go beyond ask for the advice of a doctor because depending on your state of health it can be risky.
You will thus significantly reduce all the upheavals, the excitements that your body will manifest.
Green tea, far from being soporific, Relaxes And Relax your body. He did it. relieves tension and other nervousness that you might experience every day. Drink green tea in moderation.
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