Tea leaves? or tea in Sachet?

Do you know where was invented the sachet of tea?

He was invented in XX ° century in the United States, then spread worldwide at an impressive speed. At the beginning the tea in sachet was aimed at making easier the life of the consumers wanting to make brew some whole tea leaves. Intention was good....

But rather fast some appropriated this idea. The bet in sachet should be industrialized, and a multitude of techniques of ensachages came into the world.

The sachets of tea which it was possible to find at the beginning of the century:











Request grew and it was necessary to hold rhythm, then the industrialists set up techniques of ensachage (who besides are always of actuality).

The principle of this technique was to reduce tea leaves in crack or in powder. It allowed to stock a big quantity of tea, in small sachets.

Below 2g of tea crushed VS 2g of not crushed tea (White Faya 1st dyed the warp threads of rank) :

a close-up of a piece of papera close-up of a knife


Big difference isn't it?

Certainly once crushed the tea occupies no more same volume and can be more easily stocked. However the grinding of the reduced tea its quality, reduces its aromatic delicacy and favours the development of bitterness.You understood him, to savour a tea worthy of this name nothing better that a flavoured not crushed tea or not, and of course with natural aromas.

Know that there are quality sachets (Japanese filters, natural cotton pocket) who can contain whole leaves. It is a good alternative and is not more expensive than a crushed ensaché tea.


Good tasting.

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  • Bonjour,
    Si vous souhaitez consommer des thés de bonne qualité nous vous recommandons de vous diriger vers des boutiques spécialisées comme la nôtre dans la vente de thé en vrac. Par la suite il vous suffira d’acheter des filtres.

    Malindo on
  • bonjour
    quelques marque de sachet de thé en feuille ?

    .lalliard on

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