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Did you know that most Taiwanese Oolongs are rolled into a ball by a tedious heat-rolling-compression process that is repeated dozens of times, and that is one of the peculiarities of Taiwanese production. The formation of each tea ball has a strong impact on the aromas and quality of the tea. Taiwanese Oolongs are usually harvested year-round, at 55-day intervals. Farmers harvest one bud and three to five leaves, depending on the types of teas and the seasons.

Taiwan produces about 20% of the world's Oolongs, but Oolong's global production accounts for only 2% of total tea production.


Introducing GABA Oolong

GABAs are teas that have undergone anaerobic fermentation, during which naturally present oxygen is replaced by nitrogen.

This special method, discovered by the Japanese in the 1980s, transforms the glutamate of the leaves into Gamma Aminobutyric Acid or GABA.

Taiwanese quickly became interested in this technique and thus developed very different GABA oolongs from Japanese GABAs, which are usually made from green tea. This amino acid, present in many plants and living organisms, acts as an important inhibitory neurotransmitter.

Oolong tea contains a lot of Gaba, between 150 and 250 mm per 100 grams tea.

Gaba and its benefits

Numerous scientific studies have been published on the health benefits of GABA tea. Gabba is also marketed in all sauces in Japan, as a dietary supplement or added in various foods.
The increase in Gamma Aminobutyric Acid would, among other things, slow down the activity of neurons, thus preventing stress and overexcitement, bringing calm and calm. Research has also shown its beneficial effects on blood pressureThe Cholesterol and the Concentration. GABA tea, which is also low in caffeine, would also improve the quality of sleep.

We have selected an organic GABA. This one is cultivated in the plains of the Nan Tou region. It is extremely fruity and tangy (apricot, peach, mango) and has very little bitterness. The spring harvest has the highest concentration of GABA.

The provenance of our Gaba

Our partner who supplies us with this tea works closely with one of the emblematic figures of Taiwanese organic tea production, Madame Wang, who herself has been working in the sector for more than 30 years, as a supplier. organic inputs, production consultants and traders.
Ms. Wang knows virtually every organic tea producer on the island, and offers all kinds of teas produced in Taiwan and from all production regions. It works in collaboration with Taiwanese organic certifying organizations, and is well aware of its network of partner farms, which it follows throughout the year. She also transforms several teas herself, including Gaba. Virtually all farms with which our partner works are certified Biological or are converting to organic farming.


Being passionate about tea and high quality products, we attach particular importance to the choice of suppliers and the fact of having a direct link and a great knowledge of their production methods. While more and more teas from other countries are now being sold as Taiwanese teas on the local and international market, we guarantee that our teas come exclusively from Taiwanese plantations and are processed in Taiwan.


In Taiwan, the spring harvest is in high demand as it is considered the second best, just behind the winter harvest. One of the most popular crops is Gaba tea, whose benefits are now widely recognized and is highly prized internationally.


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