The hibiscus is a plant native to Africa, which can also be found in many tropical areas. The hibiscus produces elegant red flowers picked before reaching maturity.

The hibiscus is also known by the following names: karkadé, red tea, red sorrel, Jamaican sorrel, roselle, Zobo drink, roselle and sour tea.


The hibiscus across the continents

In Africa  as in some tropical countries, hibiscus is consumed daily for its benefits, as for example in northern Nigeria, this plant is used to treat constipation.

The different elements that make up this plant have a use. Its fibers can be used to make ropes and clothes. The fleshy red chalice is used in the preparation of jams, jellies, cold and hot teas  as well as drinks. The leaves can be cooked like spinach.

This plant is also widely used in Egypt for the treatment of heart and nerve diseases, and also as a diuretic.

In Iran, we drink green tea and combine it with hibiscus leaves to treat hypertension. This mixture is also used for help  to treat other illnesses like certain cancers.

In Thailand, hibiscus is consumed in the form of juice known as "roselle or karkadé juice". This drink is ideal for hydrating and therefore excellent for athletes.


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Good tasting.

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