Licorice and its many benefits

Discover the benefits of liquorice

Many do not know this, but liquorice has been consumed for centuries. And if it is best known for its "candy side", well it has therapeutic properties that can help when you have certain ailments. This is the aim of this article: discover through this article the various benefits that the licorice plant has to offer you.

Licorice: effective against stomach aches

The first benefits of licorice is that it can treat various stomach-related ailments. These include:

  • difficulty digesting meals
  • feelings of bloating
  • untimely productions of flatulence;
  • gastritis;
  • ulcer problems.

Inflammation of the airways

Second, licorice has healing properties against inflammation in the airways. In fact, some people used it for coughing. Today, science advocates its use in most cases where the airways are affected. This ranges from simple coughto respiratory inflammation caused by mites or viruses. It is thanks to one of its components that it is also effective against these respiratory ailments: it is glycyrrhizine (which is also its most active principle).

The whiplash

Feeling tired can happen to anyone. Fortunately, the consumption of liquorice can quickly mitigate the annoying effects of this fatigue. It is thanks to the actions of its molecules on our adrenal glands that it manages to give back a good boost whose consequence will be a feeling of well-being.

Licorice: a cure for cholesterol and hepatitis

While not necessarily a long-term solution against bad cholesterol, it has been proven that the licorice plant helps lower this type of cholesterol in people with cardiovascular problems. But since excessive consumption of liquorice can cause other ailments (such as an increase in blood pressure), the dosage must be respected. In the case of bad cholesterol, consuming 100 mg of liquorice is more than enough.

Apart from respiratory inflammation, licorice also helps to control the harmful effects of hepatitis. In this case, it is used to reduce inflammation of the liver and also helps to combat the proliferation of viruses.

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