Valerian, a powerful anti-stress

Valerian, a powerful anti-stress

Who has never experienced a moment of stress? Stress is part of our lives, and each of us has already been stressed once in this or that other circumstance. The consequences of stress are many: muscle tension, mood disorders, depression, insomnia, etc. How to combat stress? Several products available on the market would help combat stress. However, there is a natural and powerful anti-stress used for centuries. This anti-stress with exceptional virtues is Valerian. What's Valerian? Why is it an effective anti-stress plant? How do I use it? We invite you to discover everything in this article.

Valerian and its chemical components

Named valeriana Officinalis, valerian is a plant of the Valerian family. It is mostly found on moist, mineral-rich soils. For centuries, this plant with exceptional qualities has been used to cure many diseases. The name "Valeriana" means in Latin "to be well."

In North Asia, North America and Europe, the virtues of Valerian as an anti-stress ery have been a happy one for ages. This is due to certain chemical components of the plant whose effectiveness has been proven by scientific studies. These include valpotriates or iridoids, terpenes, flavonoids and many others. These substances, added to many others, give valerian sedative, calming and relaxing properties; hence the power of a powerful anti-stress and a relaxing one that facilitates sleep.

How to use Valerian to combat stress?

The best way to benefit from the benefits of a plant is to make a tisane. Valerian is no exception to this rule. Indeed, you can use the roots of this plant, leaves or flowers to make a herbal ist. If you want to consume Valerian alone (i.e. without mixing), infuse 2 to 3 g of dried valerian in a cup of boiling water for about 10 minutes and consume the drink obtained. It is advisable to do not exceed 3 cups per day. It should be noted that the taste of this plant is not very pleasant, so we advise you to consume it with other plants that will bring you other benefits and that in addition to this will facilitate the consumption of Valerian in bringing pleasant aromas.
Here are some plant ideas that can accompany Valerian:
  • Chamomile
  • Melissa
  • Mint
The other method is to consume this plant as a dietary supplement. There are several dietary supplements made from valerian extracts. The choice is therefore offered to everyone effectively combat stress with valerian.

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