Tea: a natural anti-wrinkle

Who doesn't appreciate the pleasures of tasting a good cup of tea in the morning or during the day? The global community of aficionados of this drink is growing every day. As proof, here are the very indicator figures of the love that is given to him:
  • In France, tea is consumed three times more than a quarter of a century ago;
  • More 3,000 varieties of teas are consumed all over the world;
  • Every second more than 15,000 cups are served.
Given the previous figures, one may well wonder why tea is so popular. The answer is simple: tea is a drink that provides both pleasures and benefits for our body. And among these many benefits we will talk about the use of tea as an anti-wrinkle.

A natural anti-wrinkle for all

Used to prevent cancer and limit the development of tumours, tea is also a cosmetics. Indeed, it contains many antioxidants. The action of these on skin cells is beneficial. For example, they slow down the aging of the skin, and thus the appearance of wrinkles. Some tea varieties have astringent and detoxifying properties. They are thus perfect to serve as aWrinkle, Rdeduct dark circles and tone the skin. Green tea and white tea are very effective in this regard.

Practical tip: homemade anti-wrinkle mask made from tea

To take advantage of the anti-wrinkle powers of the green tea or white tea, you can make a mask at home. To do this, you can check out our article explaining how to make a green tea cream or follow the less detailed instructions below:
  • Get leaves or tea powder (green or white)
  • infuse the leaves (or two tablespoons of the powder) in boiled water for 15 minutes;
  • Use the mixture from the infusion on the face for 15 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water.
The regular application of this Mask at least three times a week gives interesting results.

Green tea and white tea are very effective tea varieties as anti-wrinkle. Don't hesitate to use them for facials.

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  • je prend chaque jours deux verres de thé. est ce que il peut agir sur ma peaux peau et réduire l’apparition des rides? ou bien dois je arrêter sa consommation étant donner que je suis dans la quarantaine.

    z.souad on
  • Il y a de nombreuses vertues santé au thé vert, notamment pour le coeur, car il s’agit d’un détoxifiant naturel, mais également pour prévenir le cancer, réguler le taux de sucre dans le sang ou réguler le sommeil.
    Source : http://www.economiesolidaire.com/2017/12/23/bienfaits-du-the-vert/

    Marcel on

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