Tea, a natural anti-stress

The perfect tea program for a busy day's work

As you know tea is the most consumed drink after water. This is related to the fact that it has many virtues and offers various benefits. For example, many people appreciate the green tea for its slimming and anti-stress virtues.

Be aware that tea can also help you overcome busy days by helping you boost your body. In the following you will find an anti-stress tea program to adopt during a difficult work day.


A good dose of punch for early risers

To attack the day well, nothing better than an energie tea such as matcha. With the different flavors that exist, you can choose between matcha matsu, or a flavored matcha. You can also consume a black tea that is easier to find and may be more in our habits.


A cup of rooibos for lunch

It is important to stay hydrated during the day to reduce diet declines. For good hydration you can consume a Rooibos which is a very pleasant drink in the mouth and quite greedy. Rooibos can be eaten fresh, warm or hot.

But if you're afraid to sting after lunch, then we recommend a green tea that will keep your body awake throughout the afternoon until snack time, unlike coffee that will keep you awake over a short period of time.


Re-armed in the afternoon

It is quite normal to experience a drop in diet after several hours of work. When fatigue starts with being heavy which tea to choose to stay the course and have clear ideas?
  • Mate, native to South America, is well known for boosting energy reserves.
  • The black tea. It is well known to stimulate the brain and nervous system without causing intellectual fatigue. But you should avoid consuming a large amount of black tea if you are sensitive to its exciting effect.


Treat yourself to detheinated tea for a good rest

How good it is to give yourself a good rest after a hard day's work! For this, you can choose a white tea or with a low theine content. You can also choose a herbal infusion, or a fruity Rooibos that will help you relax.

Some recommend eating a good cup ofOolongbut it could have the opposite effect.

What to remember? To establish a bespoke tea program for a busy day, you have to take into account the different times of the day. Your program should provide you with sufficient energy and hydration. However, in the evening, back home, do not hesitate to make a relaxing herbal life to sleep well and regain your strength. Also be sure to choose organic tea, which will prevent you from using pesticides.

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