Green tea for impeccable oral hygiene!


Promoting better hygiene of the teeth and mouth, the green tea becomes a true ally in the fight against cavities and gingivitis problems.


The green tea, a little-known ally of better oral hygiene

Numerous studies have shown that regular consumption of green tea could become a real asset for maintaining the balance of the bacterial flora of our mouth. Although it does not replace daily tooth brushing, it reduces the risk of cavities and plaque.


The green tea rich in polyphenols

Polyphenols are plant tannins with anti-inflammatory properties and are commonly used in the manufacture of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Known to have many beneficial health effects, they are particularly prized for taking care of hygiene of our teeth.Its antibacterial effect fights daily aggression, reduces the risk of inflammation and prevents bleeding due to sensitivity of the gums.


Fresh and good tooth hygiene

By reducing the proliferation of microbes, green tea helps keep breath fresh and pleasant. Indeed, the bad smell of breath is often linked to poor oral hygiene, decay or the development of bacteria on the tongue and inside the mouth. Thanks to its antibacterial action, green tea reduces the proliferation of microbes and bacteria in order to maintain good hygiene of the teeth and mouth. Thus a pleasant smell emerges from the breath and provides a feeling of freshness in the oral cavity.


The green tea, rich in fluoride and antioxidants

Another asset for green tea! It contains fluoride that strengthens tooth enamel and prevents acid erosions related to food. It meets some of the expectations in fluoride since by consuming only one cup per day, one can meet up to about 30% of the daily needs. You should know that tea is often used in toothpastes. It is of course essential not to consume your cup of tea by adding sugar. In which case, the benefits of green teacould be mitigated.


Good tasting!




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