Green Tea to fight acne

As we have been able to talk about through different articles, tea has many unsuspected benefits: Articles dealing with the benefits of tea.

Tea, very rich in antioxidants and tannic acid has the ability to be very effective in treating skin problems like acne.

So you can see for yourself we offer you below an easy-to-make recipe that will allow you to make your own tea and honey-based skincare cream. 


Ingredients and utensils:

  • 4 grams of green tea (basic)
  • Honey
  • Rice flour
  • 2 spoons
  • A small bowl

Boil water and infuse your green tea. After infusing the tea in a container and press the leaves to remove as much water as possible.

Mix the tea leaves until you get a paste, or if you don't have blenders, chop the leaves with a sharp knife.

In a container add about a tablespoon of honey. If your honey is not liquid enough, don't hesitate to microwave it for 15 seconds.

Mix green tea and honey.

Green tea honey cream acne

Add a little rice flour and stir until you get the perfect substance. The amount of rice flour will depend on the honey (some absorb more flour).
flour rice tea green honey cream acne

That's it, your homemade cream is ready to be applied!


Applying green tea cream.

Before applying this cream, we advise you to make sure that you are not allergic to the different ingredients used.

If this is the case then the First step will simply be cleanse your skin and you rinse the face hot water to open your pores.

Then put the mask on your fingers and Apply the green tea cream gently to your face.

Let the mask work for 5 minutes then rinse your face with lukewarm water to remove the cream. And if you wish you can pass your face under cold water so that the pores close faster.


To check the effects of this homemade cream it will be necessary to apply it daily and for several days. Even if you didn't see the effects directly, what is certain and what 100% natural homemade blend, will bring you a lot of benefits.

Have you tried this mask made from green tea and honey? Did you like it? 

Share your experience!

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