Green tea, a cure for allergies

The green tea is a drink that has gained popularity worldwide thanks to its properties. Every day, we discover Essential intrinsic qualities for health. It has many advantages and several studies have been conducted over the years by scientists to confirm them.

The main qualities of green tea

In addition to being consumed for pleasure tea brings many benefits. It can be eaten in several ways depending on the taste of each. Generally it is infused at 70-80 degrees which will allow to draw the maximum benefits from the tea leaves. Tea can be drunk cold by adding honey, plant nigella oil, and many other elements. In some areas, it is even customary to prepare meals with tea such as rice with green tea for example.
Among the many benefits of this tea, its ability to fight allergies is one of the most remarkable. Green tea has remarkable antioxidant and antihistamine properties that have been proven by scientific experiments.

A brief summary of the benefits of green tea

  • Green tea is a powerful Antioxidant.
  • It's a drink that helps regulate metabolism ; it cleanses the body and helps weight lossS.
  • Various studies have shown that this drink is used to maintain and maintenance Of the Memory, and helps recover certain cognitive abilities.
  • It contains caffeine and, therefore, also works as a Stimulating.
  • It contains polyphenol and catechin which, in addition to being antioxidants, are also anti-carcinogens and powerful anti-allergic.
  • Green tea would slow down the effects of aging.
  • Various experiments have also shown that it helps preventArthritis.
  • Maintaining one's oral and dental hygiene


What are the antiallergic properties of green tea

It is very difficult, even for health professionals, to determine how allergies work. Why do they affect some people and not others?
Fortunately for us, green tea effectively fights allergies and is an excellent palliative to other medications.

Kyushu University of Japan conducted a study on the anti-allergic action of green tea. This study, published in the Journal of Food and Drugs Analysis, indicates that the epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) contained in green tea acts against the symptoms of many allergies, especially seasonal allergies. The Egcg would have the particular ability to block certain components that activate allergies.

Green tea is very suitable for its preventive function, as it effectively helps to decrease and alleviate the reaction and symptoms of allergy. To provide the body with good defenses, it is highly recommended to take foods that help strengthen immunity and in this sense, this tea is an excellent ally.

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  • Je suis allergique et c’est très pénible je prend du thé vert pouvez vous me donner des conseils à passe de planté car j’en n’ai marre de prendre des. Cachets merci

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