Can the child have tea?

Many parents avoid giving their children drinks that are dangerous to their health. In fact, children should not be given drinks with high caffeine content or stimulants that may cause sleep and concentration disorders.

Green tea can be an energy drink that causes problems for many parents:
Can I pour the children a cup of tea?
Let's take a closer look at the problem.

The tea in the tea is not suitable for children.

A cup of coffee contains caffeine ("tea") not in a cup of tea, but in a different role in the body. It works more suddenly than caffeine in a cup of green tea.
Besides caffeine, tea also contains substances that stimulate the brain and stimulate concentration. Caffeine contains molecules called tea in tea. In fact, it's the same molecule. So theophylline is an exciting thing, and if you want to avoid concentration and sleep problems, you have to avoid giving it to your children.

Washed tea or for your children

If you want to give your child tea, he'd better have a cup of tea that is completely clean. Therefore, the consumption of tea no longer poses a danger to him. To have a cup of washed tea, you just need to rinse it. Therefore, the child can take a second dip, which will reduce the load of theophylline.

Please note that this method only reduces caffeine content. That's why if you want to avoid caffeine, it's best to turn to infusion, or tea. Otherwise, there will be Roy Bos This is a very precious plant“

Organic tea and tea are safe solutions for children

For your children, please don't hesitate to let them eat organic food. This will allow you to protect them from pesticides, genetically modified organisms and other harmful substances that can be found in some manufacturers. In order to attract children, there is nothing better. Roeber biology Exotic or delicious Organic iced tea.

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Ask your pediatrician for advice on babies

You will find baby products in the textile market Don't rush to make tea that you don't necessarily know its ingredients. The best way to do this is to consult your pediatrician to determine if the plant is harmful to your child's health.

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