The benefits of cocoa bean

Found in shards, wholes or wafers in health food stores, cocoa beans fully deserve their place in your eating routine. Indeed, devoid of fat and added sugar, raw chocolate is a very healthy food to adopt at all costs. Check out all the Virtues cocoa bean.

Cocoa bean: good for the body and good for the mind!

Thanks to its high concentrations of flavonoids, magnesium, sulphur or anandamide, cocoa beans are an excellent product that can help effectively combat stress while protecting your heart and brain among other things.

Cocoa bean: a significant source of antioxidants

Several studies show that the amount of antioxidants cocoa bean would be about two to three times higher than that contained in beverages such as green tea. Thus, this high antioxidant content allows effective fight against bad cholesterol significantly reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure or even preventing certain types of cancer. The antioxidants of the cocoa bean are also an excellent means of control against premature signs of aging. The frequent consumption of cocoa beans therefore allows a better elasticity of the skin while making it glow.

A healthy brain thanks to cocoa beans!

Thanks to its ability to improve blood flow to the nervous system, raw cocoa regularly improves concentration and avoids memory gaps. Rich in magnesium, the cocoa bean plays an important role against stress and its manifestations. Also note that this product increases serotonin production for a state of prolonged calming and happiness.

Cocoa bean: a precious beauty ally

Cocoa bean with its high sulphur concentration helps to maintain the amount of collagen and keratin needed for healthy hair and perfect nails.

Cocoa bean: when and how to consume this food to enjoy all its benefits?

Consume about 2 tablespoons cocoa bean 2 to three times a week in association with your different snacks. Despite its relatively bitter taste, it is strongly recommended to avoid adding sugar to the chocolate bean before consuming it, this could greatly reduce all its properties.

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