The world's most expensive teas

Quality is generally defined in relation to customer satisfaction. Nevertheless, it is now accompanied by the market estimate of the product. This is the case in the world of tea. There are various kinds of them; depending on the richness of the soil; Cultivation techniques the rarity of the species and many other variables. Teas can be so expensive as to be considered luxury products.

Colorful differentiation: green tea, black tea, white tea

There is a wide variety of tea color on the market. The most common are green tea, black tea and white tea. The final hue is determined by the method of leaf preparation that takes place immediately after picking.

Green tea is obtained by drying the leaves as quickly as possible before making them.

Black tea is obtained by leaving the leaves exposed under conditions of high humidity. The oxidation here is more complete, which is what makes it possible to get a black coloration.

White tea is obtained through a simpler and more artisanal procedure. Young leaves or buds with white downs are dried in the sun.

Between these colours, we find, among others, yellow tea, post-fermented tea and oolong tea, which is halfway between green tea and white tea.

World's most expensive vintage and gourmet teas

The most expensive teas in the world are distributed in these various colours. Here are a few.

Da Hong Pao: a rare, vintage tea grown in the Fujian Mountains of China, it is part of oolong or wulong teas. With a strong flavour, with sweet notes of chestnuts and hazelnuts, it is estimated at more than a million dollars per kilogram.

In the green tea category, with an estimated value of $70,000 per kilogram, the Panda Dung Tea is obtained in a special way. It is extracted from the feces of a panda that has ingested tea leaves and bamboo stems, then processed and conditioned.

Vintage Narcissus is a tea from China, from Wuyi Mountain. At $6,500 per kilogram, it is distinguished by its floral touches tinged with woody and chocolatey flavours.

For gourmets and other tea lovers, quality is paramount. And even if the quality has a cost that can be high, you can find it with much less budget.


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