Herbal teas to avoid during pregnancy

The pregnant woman must control her diet, including the herbal teas she consumes. Herbal teas are often recommended to pregnant women. They are natural, pleasant in the mouth and easy to take. However, it is important to pay attention to the different plants or plants used for prepare these herbal teas for pregnant women. So, what are the herbal teas that a pregnant woman should not take during the period of her pregnancy ? Why are these herbal teas discouraged ? If you are pregnant and would like to learn more about these issues, then we invite you to read this article. Happy reading !

The importance of herbal teas for a pregnant woman

Before addressing the issue of herbal teas to avoid during pregnancyfirst, let's see how important these herbal drinks are, which for the most part have many virtues. Indeed, the first role of herbal tea is to allow the pregnant woman tomore easily remove waste through urine. Then there is the fight against nausea, very recurrent during pregnancy. Some medicinal drinks are also effective for fighting fatigue in pregnant women. Most importantly, some herbal teas relieves contractions and facilitates cervical dilation. Finally, there is the fact that some herbal teas facilitate digestion and prevent heartburn. In view of all this, it is deduced that herbal teas are therefore indispensable for the pregnant woman.

You will find via the link a list of herbal teas that the pregnant woman could consume.

Pregnant women: do not take these herbal teas !

As we stated above, some herbal teas are not recommended for pregnant women. In the first place there are : 
  • the belladonna (nicknamed poisonous grass) ;
  • the colchique ;
  • poppy ;
  • the Periwinkle of Madagascar.
Indeed, these plants contain alkaloid, which are substances that can intoxicate the fetus.

Second, avoid : 
  • sage ;
  • licorice ;
  • black cohosh ;
  • Dong Quai (medicinal plant in East Asia) ;
  • ginseng ;
  • Eleutherococcus ;
  • the vitex.
Drinking an infusion or other drink based on one of these plants can cause a hormonal effect in pregnant women.

Similarly, women waiting for a baby should avoid herbal teas based on aloe vera and Senna, as this can cause spasms. Finally, plants containing caffeine should be avoided.

In view of all of the above, it is important for a pregnant woman to seek medical advice in order to be helped to choose the herbal teas that she needs to take. Her health and that of her baby depend on it.

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