The links between sugar and health: what can we remember?

The impact of sugar on the body

Sugar is a food that is often associated with gustatory pleasure, but it is, first and foremost, essential to the proper functioning of our body. It is naturally composed of fructose and glucose. Of course, sugar is found in fruits and vegetables in different quantities. It is also present in molasses, in honey, in maple syrup or in sugar beets, for example. In products such as candy, creams and cookies, sugar is also found, but this time refined most of the time.
What about this substance and what effects does it have on the body?

The origin of the sugar: a point that counts

Sugar itself brings essential nutrients to the body for its proper functioning. A gram of good sugar is equivalent to 4 calories for the body. However, as with many foods, consuming too much can quickly become a problem for health. On the other hand, the origin of sugar makes all the difference: organic sugar is good for the body at all levels. When it comes from natural elements such as fruit, vegetables, it is accompanied by soluble fibers that help the body digest it easily. For example, if you eat a pineapple (full of sugar), you will absorb all the extra nutrients from the fruit that help to slowly release the sugar into your body. This natural sugar, which is therefore recognised by the body, does not present a hazard according to the experts.

On the other hand, refined sugar is added to many products on the market. Because this sugar comes from industrial processes that modify it and isolate it from other nutrients for its consumption, it is absorbed abnormally quickly by the body and processed into a bad fat. An accumulation of these substances promotes weight gain, obesity, and various health conditions.

The Effects of Sugar

Sugar has been consumed by humans for a very long time, and in many forms. However, scientists continue to find out what impacts it can have on the organization.
  • Recent studies point to the fact that the immoderate consumption of sugar can increase blood pressure. We are talking about industrial sugar. Consumption of a daily sweet drink bottle would significantly increase the risk of high blood pressure.
  • Many heart diseases are also linked to the excessive consumption of refined sugar. Exaggeration of the amounts of sugar absorbed can lead to an increase in triglycerides. This type of fat is harmful to the proper functioning of the heart when it is present in too great a quantity.
  • The many disorders that are related to obesity are not mentioned. It must be understood that people who consume too much sugar tend to consume even more solid foods, and thus increase their risk of obesity.
It is therefore appropriate to prefer natural sugar, and in any case, to ensure a measured consumption of this substance.
Enjoy tasting!

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