Nettle: an effective natural remedy for urinary tract infections

Nettle, a natural solution to fight urinary tract infections

The urinary tract infections are perceived as an accumulation of bacteria in the urinary organs. These are often accompanied by pain and burns. This pathology affects both men and women. To combat urinary tract infections, there are natural solutions that require the use of certain plants such as Nettle whose virtues are highly recognized in this regard.

Let's discover some interesting properties of this plant.

The benefits of nettle in the fight against urinary tract infections

From the point of view of its description, Nettle is a perennial plant that can measure between 60 and 150 cm in height. It is often covered with long hairs or short, small hairs. Nettle is best known for its many virtues, and it often grows in colonies.
Its roots and leaves contain exceptional properties capable of acting on metabolism. The diuretic properties leaves reduce joint pain while its root can cure several disorders. When it comes to the treatment of urinary tract infections, nettle is highly recommended in light of its depurative and detoxifying properties. Thanks to these, she effectively affects kidney and urinary stones. Nettle is above all an excellent Antioxidant, and its consumption contributes to the elimination of toxins in the body. Acting directly on toxins and acids, nettle also allows the body to prevent pain and other inflammations thanks to its anti-infective and diuretic properties. On the other hand, nettle contributes to kidney function. For this purpose, nettle infusions and decoctions exist in pharmacies or herbalists, which have the main advantage of promote drainage and irrigation of organs such as the kidney or bladder. The root of the nettle is a good remedy to soothe urination in cases of prostate inflammation. Ultimately, this plant is an excellent solution for the treatment of urinary tract infections because of its beneficial properties.

Using nettle 

The nettle can therefore be consumed in tisane, which in some cases will allow the infection to disappear quickly. To consume the nettle, simply infuse 2 teaspoons of nettle leaves into a cup of boiling water for about 10 minutes. It is recommended to drink two to three cups a day.
According to some, at the first signs of the pathology, you can drink an infusion based on nettles every 30 minutes. And according to other experts the ideal would be to drink on average 1 L of the tisane per day.

Good tasting!

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