Malindo, certified by Ethical Tea Partnership

We are delighted to know that Malindo is now a member of the organization Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP).

ETP is a non-profit organization that aims to improve the quality of life and working conditions of tea farmers and small farmers, as well as to enforce the environment in which tea trees grow and in which tea trees grow and in which tea is grown (gMO-free, chemicalpesticide-free).

As an official member, we ensure that all our teas are grown in sustainable and fair conditions: employee fairness, compliance with current international labour standards and the constant improvement of working conditions. Work.



 More information about Ethical Tea Partnership:

ETP currently has more than 40 international members representing more than 50 brands in more than 100 countries.

This organization is funded by membership dues, as well as public grants. This means that the vast majority of their work is free for producers and farmers.

ETP has local experts working in the field: Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, China, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, as well as a team based in London (see map below).



Helping producers
ETP helps tea producers and small farmers improve their performance against international social and environmental standards and address key issues that are holding back tea development in key regions tea producers.



Raising standards
ETP helps ensure that tea producers and smallholders meet international social and environmental standards. ETP achieves this by controlling producers, certifying them and providing expert training on key areas such as health and safety, good human resource management and good environmental management practices.



Tea pickers
Many tea-farming countries are poor and therefore face a multitude of deep-rooted problems. These include malnutrition, as well as child exploitation, to name a few. ETP works with strategic partners who aim to solve these problems in order to have a direct impact on working conditions, as well as the living conditions of their families.



Small tea farmers
In Asia and Africa, about 8 million smallholder farmers grow tea. Many of them find it difficult to live properly for a variety of reasons: small farms, poor soil quality and lack of money to invest in new tea trees and acquire irrigation systems. Moreover, according to this organization, the effects of climate change exacerbate many of these problems. ETP improves the sustainability of farmers' incomes by helping them improve the quality and productivity of their plots by providing training, support, as well as helping them access international markets.


Climate and environment
ETP helps tea producers improve their environmental management practices to protect soil, water and wildlife. Part of this work includes training farmers and workers. ETP also helps producers and farmers understand the consequences of climate change and increase their resilience to climate change and growth conditions.



Good tasting!

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