My child drinks too many sodas: what to do?

Rooibos, the alternative to sodas

It is no secret that children like soft and sugary drinks. This is the reason why sodas are wildly popular with the little ones. But, are they good for the body of your little one? What alternative drinks can you use to replace sodas?

Sodas or excess sugar

Per liter, sodas contain on average 20 to 30 lumps of sugar. When you dilute them, the concentration drops to 18 lumps of sugar per liter. However, no matter whether they are diluted or not, the sodas remain too sweet. If you let your child become a soda addict, there are many risks.

For example, about 10% of children suffer from liver disease. Some people point out that culinary fructose in sodas and cakes is the culprit. Soft drinks contain neither vitamins nor nutrients. But now, you have a child who only drinks sodas and who refuses to drink water. So how do you change your habits? Let's discover together an alternative that will only do him good.

The Rooibos, the ideal alternative for your child

It is true that tea and coffee are not recommended for children. They contain stimulants, respectively called "theine" or "caffeine". However, there are some varieties of plants that do not contain caffeine, which are very little known, and that your children could consume. The Rooibos is a perfect example.

Apart from its zero theine content, Rooibos has several interesting properties that we had already listed in an article entitled The Benefits of Rooibos.
  • Taste : It has very few tannins which are the source of bitterness. This is at the origin of the sweet notes developed by this drink during the infusion.
  • Color : The infusion of Rooibos has a red-brown color. Kids love colorful drinks, so that's a good point.
  • virtues : The infusion of Rooibos, thanks to the many antioxidants that it contains, promotes deep sleep. In addition, the infusion of Rooibos improves digestion.
  • Iron absorption : Rooibos contains very few iron antagonistic tannins. It therefore does not decrease its absorption.
 So what if your child drinks too many sodas?
Make him consume Organic Rooibos  preferably. This drink will be more beneficial. On the market there are flavored rooibos, to be sweetened or not with honey. This infusion will please your children. Its varied properties will do good to your little one.

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