Nigelle: discovering its benefits.

Why don't you add nigella oil to your tea?

Are you a tea lover? Why not combine your tea with nigella to turn your tea break into a real care moment? This natural essence will allow you to benefit from a number of important benefits for your body. To help you, we've put together all the information you need to know for you. Once you've tested the nigella, you won't be able to do without it.


What is nigella?

Despite its many benefits, nigella is still unknown, especially on the European continent. Generally, this plant is found in the form of oil, seeds but also powder. In the trade, you can also find it under the name "black cumin oil." As far as nigella is concerned, its scientific name nigella sativa, is an aromatic plant that comes to us from Asia Minor. It is grown mainly in the Middle East, but also in parts of Africa and the Mediterranean basin. In history, traces of nigella dating back several centuries can be found. For the record, some archaeologists have found traces of nigella sativa Tutankhamun's tomb.


The benefits of nigella, whether in oil or seeds

Nigella is used as a most effective dietary supplement for internal balance. For the past fifty years, scientists have been trying to prove the virtues of this aromatic plant. Over the course of the studies, many healing properties have been demonstrated. It turns out that nigella plays a beneficial role on the digestive, diuretic system and also has benefits from a stimulating, antioxidant, galactogenic, analgesic and anti-allergic point of view. If you have a cholesterol problem, nigella oil is ideal because it directly affects lowering bad cholesterol levels while helping to prevent possible problems with high blood pressure.  People with diabetes can also benefit from this oil by reducing the level of sugar in their blood and reducing their insulin resistance. Finally, Nigella Sativa is positioned mainly as a very good and powerful immune system stimulant.


The benefits of nigella oil mixed with those of tea

If you are a tea lover, you are certainly informed about the different virtues of this beverage. In particular, tea has anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory properties and helps protect the vascular system. In addition, it would appear that regular tea consumption would help to combat the development of certain cancers, such as breast cancer and prostate cancer. Tea also helps to limit cholesterol and would reduce stress and its bad effects. The benefits of this drink include positive actions on digestion, headaches, red eyes, nausea or coughing.


Add nigella oil to tea

As you will understand, these two elements have interesting virtues and therefore can be particularly effective if they are associated. To benefit from these different virtues, three solutions are available to you. As a first step, you can use nigella honey which will give a delicious look to your drink thus transforming tea time into a gourmet moment. Then you can opt for a few drops ofnigella oil in your tea. Oil is more loaded with active ingredients, and offers the advantage of being more powerful and potentially more effective, especially in the fight against aggressive diseases such as cancer.  Finally, it is also possible to use nigella seeds. For a cup of tea, half a teaspoon of seeds is the perfect dose to fully enjoy the powers of this amazing plant.


In short, if you want to mix pleasure and virtues, tea mixed with nigella is an ideal solution. Once you have found the mixture that works best for you, you will be able to incorporate this ritual into your daily life, which will allow you to heal and preserve your body effectively.


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