Does green tea really make you lose weight?

Do you really lose weight by drinking green tea?

Being overweight is the basis of many diseases with devastating health consequences. How to prevent it then? For this purpose, there are many methods, treatments or plants whose slimming benefits are sung everywhere and especially on the internet. One of these plants is the tea plant which gives leaves from which infusions are made.
A lot of information goes in its favor and this is linked to its recognized slimming properties. However, one wonders about its effectiveness. Otherwise, does green tea really make you lose weight?

The two "slimming" substances in green tea

The slimming virtues of green tea used for "detox cures" are essentially due to two substances contained therein. it's about the caffeine (or theine)  and some catechin;two substances that speed up the metabolism. The slimming properties of green tea have been demonstrated many times by scientific studies:
  • The caffeine  is an alkaloid with stimulating properties. It is an essential element that burns fat and thereby contributes to weight loss.
  • The catechin, known as epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), is a polyphenol that also has slimming properties.

What scientific studies say

According to some experts, the presence of these two substances in green tea will not allow you to lose weight. In reality, they stimulate energy expenditure. Indeed, a study has shown that green tea extracts containing caffeine and EGCG have increased people's daily energy expenditure. 78 calories. Another study found an increase in 179 calories for the same duration.

Organic green tea  : the solution ?

You will understand that drinking green tea does not make you lose weight, but it does help with weight loss. Do not hesitate to integrate the consumption of quality green tea into your habits and to combine this with regular physical activity, such as brisk walking.

If you want to lose weight, avoid sweetening your tea, if you find it hard to consume tea as well then use honey which also contains many benefits. What honeys to use for your tea? the answer here.
Often tea is associated with maté which, like tea, has slimming effects and also has other advantages:The benefits of mate. Combining mate with tea is no problem and would even be recommended by some dietitians.
Our last piece of advice concerns the choice of tea. To fully benefit from the benefits of tea, prefer organic loose green tea rather than tea containing a multitude of pesticides.


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