Can i drink tea while eating?

The consumption of Tea is so widespread that this drink is considered the most consumed after water. If France is a small player in terms of tea consumption, some countries are undisputed champions.
In France, one person consumes 250 g of tea per year. That's 10 times less than the British. And the Irish hold a record with 3 kg of tea consumed per year per person.
Why do people love tea so much? The many virtues of tea (especially green tea) are no strangers to its popularity.

Green tea: a concentration of virtues

Many Antioxidants, mainly flavonoids, are contained in green tea. In addition, it is a source of Minerals and Vitamins that strengthen immunity. It can also be mentioned that many people drink green tea to slim down. And it's generally effective.
Some studies have shown that green tea has been useful in preventing certain cancers as well as cardiovascular disease. If there is one indisputable truth, it is that tea is indeed a beneficial drink with many virtues. But when should we drink tea ? There are so many common ideas on the subject that you can get lost in it.

Drinking tea while eating: a bad idea or a practical tip?

To get straight to the point, it is simply a matter of saying that drinking tea during a meal is a bad idea. The reason is simple: tea reducesiron absorption digestion. However, iron is necessary for the body. It is provided by:
  • Meat
  • Fish;
  • seafood;
  • plants (vegetables, fruits and cereals, etc.).
When you eat tea while eating, up to 70% of the iron in food will not be absorbed. This blocking rate depends on the amount of tea consumed.
The blockage of iron absorption by tea is felt much more in pregnant women. The same is true for those who have an exclusively vegan diet and children.

According to some experts, Avoid drinking tea while eatingbecause it would reduce the absorption of iron. The ideal would be to drink tea an hour before or after a meal.
How do you eat your tea?

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  • Je le bois 1/2 hre avant déjeuner et 1/2 après déjeuner,2 sachets le matin👍

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