Why to drink some tea in summer?

We need to drink always to hydrate our body, to support it in good health, and to assure the tokenfunctioning of our organism while bringing him energy. Think of good of youto hydrate especially during summer, or the need of water augments strongly because of strong temperature and of heat.
A dehydration during this season can sometimes be fatal. She causes the dryness of your skin and can drive to a general tiredness of your organism. Dehydration reduces the performance of our senses and can manifest itself by headaches. It is therefore recommended to drink regularly a big quantity of water to hydrate you.
Unfortunately many persons think that to use soda allows to hydrate. But these drinks loaded in sugars and other elements are only giving phantasm to hydrate.
If to search you of drinks healthy and flavoured naturally to hydrate you then you can turn to the tea which is a drink particularly recommended during summer for its virtues and its beneficial effects on organism.

Treat seasonal diseases with the tea

During summer, you can suffer from many small diseases due to season. The common diseases are fever, aches, influenza or rheumatisms. With the bacterial infections of the summer, you also risk making diarrheas.

The best way of telling all these small troubles is to take regularly some green tea in summer. The green tea according to some will relieve your pain and small diseases which can compromise your ease. After a good infusion, drink your tea every morning and you will pass nice summer days.

The tea, the thirst-quenching one therapeutic

The tea is a drink which brings in your organism the energy which it needs. Its composition allows you to have many nutritional contributions which are necessary when heat is intense. The tea is rich in antioxidizers which are important for your moisturising.

Known for its big curative virtues, the green tea is the drink which you must use during summer to have a good metabolism and an energy to be sold retail. Thanks to its powerful antioxidizers, the green tea gives you vitality, performance and reinforces your immunity. However, it is preferable to take your lukewarm green tea or frozen during summer.

Quench thirst with a lukewarm tea for a better health

During summer, your objective must be to support a sufficient quantity of water in your organism. This one will help you not to dehydrate. After the consumption of a hot tea, you risk making augment the temperature of your body then lose some quantity of water which will evacuate by the pores of the skin (by sweating). This loss of water is not willy-nilly favourable to you.
By taking some tea cooled down, you give a better moisturising. On the contrary, during summer, to cool your dry throat or to diminish the feeling of heat, you will have nothing better that a frozen tea.
It is true that some are not the same school. According to them to drink a hot tea would also allow to refresh himself.
The hot tea will allow you to make augment the temperature of your body. Therefore yes you are indeed going to be warm a little more at the beginning but after some minutes your body is going to get used and you will have an impression that the external temperature is less than the temperature of your body, what will have the effect of cooling you.

The frozen tea, the refreshing drink of the summer

The frozen tea is a very popular drink in summer. It is very appreciated, because it is dietary and tonic. It is a nice drink which you can prepare at home. The frozen tea gives you a feeling of freshness which you will appreciate under the intense heat of the summer. This drink is made to preserve your cells. He can be prepared with different perfumes and you can vary your pleasure by making a black tea, a green tea in the mint or by adding to it of the lemon to defecate taste.
We recommend you to make brew tea your with a hot water then to wait that this one returns at room temperature before putting it in the refrigerator. Or if you do not want to wait blend your infusion in icicles.

Good tasting!

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