Why is tea bitter?

Green tea, red tea, white tea or other, sometimes your tea infusion has a bitter taste and not very pleasant. What causes the bitterness of your tea and how can it be remedied?

Bitter tea: effective causes and solutions

The bitterness of your tea can be justified for 3 main reasons. Fortunately, there are simple attitudes that will make you rediscover the original taste of your tea.

How long your tea will brew

The time it takes to brew your tea is an important factor that can influence its taste. Thus, letting your tea infuse for too long has the effect of distorting its taste while giving it a bitter flavour. To avoid this, it is advisable to read carefully the preparation instructions given by tea producers. You may feel like you're wasting time, but this step is very important to get all the benefits and pleasures of your tea without the bitter taste.

The amount of tea used

Do you appreciate the smell of your tea and you think it is necessary to extend the brewing time to enjoy it? It is possible that a large amount of tea for a relatively small volume of water is at the basis of the bitterness felt. In this case too, it is advisable to follow the instructions before preparing your tea. The amount to be infused varies depending on the tea. See our article on brewing time and temperature.

Quality organic teas: a solution against the bitterness of your tea

Are you sure you have followed the instructions for the preparation of your tea, and it remains bitter in spite of this? The bitterness is certainly related to the quality of it. Low-end teas are harvested by machine and the leaves are not treated with delicacy. This results in leaf breaks during harvest, which more easily give off the bitterness that we know.

Make sure when buying your tea is of quality and preferably organic to avoid pesticides; keep it in good conditions and say goodbye to bitterness.

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