Why not throw away your green tea after brewing it?

After brewing tea, many people have the reflex of throwing away their sachet of green tea  in the garbage. However, the plants that allow you to make green tea are not only therapeutic. Tea can therefore be useful for many things, even when it is used.

There are many tips to recycle your used green tea and use it as a beauty product or as compost. Brewed green tea can also be used tocleanand hydrateyour plants.

Tea, a perfect air freshener thanks to its fragrance

To hide bad smells, do not hesitate to recycle your already brewed teas. Refrigerators, sneakers, cupboards ... tea will help you perfume some of your rooms and eliminate odors. This good ecological and economical means can be used without risk for children and animals.
Once your tea has been consumed, place it in a container and let it dry.
After it has dried, place it near the place to be deodorized and apleasant scentwill spread.

Put a pleasant smell in your car with a used tea

In a car, using brewed and dried green tea will be a very good way to have a pleasant olfactory atmosphere. In place of products deodorants  which can give you rhinitis, tea will be more beneficial and give you a healthy environment.

This facet of tea has particularly encouraged Japanese shoe manufacturers to offer shoes whose soles are made with dried green tea bags. This ecological solution has made it possible to have shoes which do not give off bad odors and which have less bacteria. If you like to be radiant, you can also use green tea to brighten your beauty.

Used tea, a natural product for radiant beauty

Green tea after brewing certainly does not only have the virtue of serving deodorant. To bring out your complexion or to cleanse spots on your face, you can use this very effective natural product. Used tea is an outstanding cleanser that allows you to hydrate your skin.

This product allows you to fight against skin infections  and against rash, irritations or dark circles. When you are bitten by an insect, a used tea bag is the right remedy. If you want to make a facial cleanser at home, just inhibit your used tea in lemon juice. Because tea is biodegradable, you can also use it to feed plants.

Successful gardening with used tea

This tip certainly sounds unlikely, but it is real and realistic. Tea is a biodegradable product that can be very useful for your gardening. Use brewed tea as compost  is a good tip for feeding your plants. Some gardening enthusiasts use brewed tea to destroy weeds  and fungi that are harmful.

To sum up, tea after use is certainly not good to throw away. Used tea has many virtues. It is an economical and ecological product which is used for:
  • the beauty ;
  • gardening ;
  • tenderizing plants ...
It is also a pleasant air freshener which helps to mask bad odors and spread an exquisite perfume in your rooms, your cupboards or your cars.

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