Why can a cup of tea cure headaches?

We hear around us that many health problems could be treated with a good cup of Tea.

Be aware that this opinion is also widespread among scientists who have conducted research leading to this: caffeine in tea can relieve pain, at least as quickly as painkillers (in the form of medicines).

In fact, both tea and coffee contain caffeine (or theine, the two molecules are actually identical). But it produces different effects depending on the nature of the liquid (tea or coffee). According to experts, caffeine from a coffee quickly spreads through the body and acts in just a few minutes. Caffeine in tea can spread through the body for several hours.

Following experiments on the impact of theine in the body, experts concluded that the results were so good that they suggested a good cup of tea to those exposed to Stress, to people Nerve and people with HIV headaches.

The Caffeine (or caffeine) is very well known to have an exciting effect, and this opinion is the most common. There is a second opinion complementary to the latter which says that theine has analgesic properties Indisputable.


A few figures

In a scientific study researchers managed to gather about 100 people who regularly suffered from migraines.

  • .1/4 of the patients received an ibuprofen painkiller.
  • 1/4 of the patients received an ibuprofen painkiller in combination with caffeine in the form of tea.
  • 1/4 of the patients received a placebo pill.
  • 1/4 of the patients received caffeine in the form of tea.
Then the individuals of both groups were observed as well as the results below:
  • A Recovery complete for 71% patients who have taken a Analgesic and Caffeine ;
  • A Recovery complete for 58% patients who took ibuprofen alone;

The researchers were very surprised by this first result. But that's not all:

  • A Recovery complete for 58% patients who have consumed only Caffeine, and this with a faster relief speed ibuprofen (an average of 30 minutes)
  • A Recovery Completeless than 50% for patients who have received Placebo.

The report of this study can be found in the medical journal "Current Pain and Headache Reports," conducted by researchers at the Chicago clinic, "the diamond headache clinic."

The final conclusion of it: "Caffeine (theine) alone provides great efficacy in the treatment of headaches."

Some experts say that, depending on the case, Caffeine does not work as a painkiller. Some studies have shown that regular consumption of large quantities of tea and coffee can increase headaches.

But if you stay on an average of 3.5 cups of tea (25cl) a day there will be no worries.


Good tasting!


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