Prepare your White Tea

White tea is one of 6 existing tea colors.

Tea produces virtually exclusively in China in the province of Fujian-chine. Some experts say it is one of the oldest teas.


The preparation of white tea is quite similar to that of the green tea.

Arrange the white tea leaves at the bottom of a container.

Then make a first infusion with water at 70 degrees. This first infusion will have to be discarded. The role of this is to clean the leaves and allow them to grow. You will see during the first real infusion, the aromas should invade your palate.

Once the leaves have been washed, it's time to get serious with the very first "drinking" infusion.

Pour water over the leaves, and leave to infuse 7 to 15 minutes with a western teapot, 3 to 4 minutes with the appropriate material (from China). The weather varies depending on the size of your container. A temperature of 75 degrees will be perfect for your white tea.

Don't hesitate to try the tea well before the brewing time indicated if your container is small.

Once the infusion is complete, you can enjoy your white tea.

Be aware that white tea can be brewed a second time... a third time ... and sometimes even a fourth time!

Good tasting!!!

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