What to drink if I don't like tea?

Tea is one of the beverages that many love for itsAromaand its many benefits such as its slimming effect and are antioxidant effect. It is, moreover, a way to quench your thirstwhich would be most appreciated after water, and some even consume it as a substitute for coffee. Iced tea or hot tea are part of the eating habits of many people today. But, it must be recognized that this drink is not popular with all. So if you don't like tea, what are your alternatives?

Organic infusion, organic herbal tea and organic rooibos, iced tea substitutes?

Tea is usually consumed to relax, for its benefits and even to boost are body. Be aware that if you don't like tea there are many drinks that offer similar benefits, and this is the case for example:
  • fruit juices
  • organic infusions
  • organic herbal life;
  • organic rooibos.

Fruit juices

Virtues fruits are numerous, and it is advisable to consume fruit on a daily basis. different varieties. Transformed into juice, they make excellent drinks for health. They give tone, and their richness in vitamins and other nutrients has a nourishing effect on the body's cells. Fruit is also a basic foods, and their regular consumption would counterbalance the effect of certain acidic substances that are cluttered by the body. It is just important to prefer fruit juice sour without additives.

Organic herbal medicines and organic infusions

Blueberries, chamomile, anise, coriander, hyssop, dandelion are a tiny part of the many plants used to make organic infusions and organic herbal medicines health benefits. If you don't have tea, you can opt for these aromatic drinks with unstoppable medicinal properties. You'll find a multitude of compositions in a Herbalism.

Organic rooibos

Another very healthy drink, Rooibos can be consumed instead of tea. It is also a caffeine-free drink that also has digestive and antioxidant properties. It is credited with the ability to fight many disorders, including colic and sleep disorders.

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