What tea to start back to school?

Summer may be the best season when getting away from it all and relaxing with your family has made you forget about professional constraints, now you need to get back to your activities. For face back to school  with confidence, you will need a boost. And, in addition to balanced diet, an assiduous practice of sport, tea can prove to be very beneficial. We invite you to discover several types of tea and their benefits.


Green tea, a drink full of flavor and vitality

Very popular in Asia, the green tea is available in many varieties representative of several traditions and more resistant than the others. It contains specific ingredients ( antioxidants in particular) which have the property of cleanse the body, of tone muscles  and contribute to the elimination of fat accumulated during rest periods. It brings the vitality  necessary for the body to deal effectively with a busy agenda.

Oolong tea, ideal for relaxation

This variety of tea is one of the rarest and most popular. It is most often consumed in the afternoon or after a full day's work and is recommended for weightloss. Thanks to a high concentration of oxidants and minerals, it helps to fight effectively against fatigue  and to stimulate the human spirit. This semi-fermented cocktail is also associated with relaxation and maintenance of the skin.

Detox teas for a real cure

Are you planning a peaceful start to the school year? Nothing like detox tea to repair the damage of summer and remove impurities  accumulated during your vacation. It promotes better digestion, improves your sleep and above all purifies your body by eliminating toxins. Several brands are causing a sensation on the market by offering energizing products  with natural ingredients.

A tea with multiple nutritional virtues: rooibos

The rooibos is a nourishing and fragrant drink, very famous for its antiallergic properties. It is ideal for the professional environment, as it does not contain no caffeine or theine. Several studies have revealed its role in:
  • gentle cleansing of the body;
  • the regulation of sleep disorders;
  • the fight against fatigue and skin allergies.


Good tasting !!!

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