What water should I use to brew tea?

Use good quality water to brew your tea.

The tea  is a widely consumed drink that has natural healing properties and helps lose weight. When you have indigestion, drink tea  relieves and invigorates you. In China, tea is very popular for its therapeutic properties, and many people drink it to reduce the risk of heart disease, digestive cancer or to prevent diabetes.

Tea is also recommended for pregnant women. It lowers cholesterol and hyperglycemia, fights old age and is very effective against hangovers. However, drinking tea will only be very useful if it is well brewed with a quality water. The water you use to brew your tea can affect the taste and quality of your tea.

The quality of your tea depends on the water you use

Water is the essential element that goes into making tea. Even when you have the best plants, you need quality water to savor a good tea. The famous Chinese Lu Yu known for his book on tea had already stated that the taste of tea varies depending on the water you use.

When you use improper water, it does not promote good tea  and the impact you are looking for while drinking tea may not be realized. You may not see the difference between tap and mineral water, but you certainly know that they don't have the same taste. The best water for brewing your tea is poor water. chlorine  and in limestone.

Why is water poor in chlorine and lime?

Limestone and chlorine are two components of tap water that do not promote good infusion. Limestone slows the infusion process and damages the kettles. If you use chlorine-rich water, this water could prevent the flavor of your tea from coming to light.

Chlorine alters the scent of your tea, especially if you are making a green tea. It is to avoid these two components that you absolutely must not use thetap water. In general, this water comes from thermal springs and is therefore rich in chlorine or limestone.

What if you only have tap water?

If you only have tap water, you have alternatives to use it. The trick is to filter  this water before using it for your infusion. You can also do it boil  and wait for it to cool before using it. However, these solutions should not prevent you from checking the smell and taste of this water.

Mineral water to brew your tea

Thenatural mineral water  is the best water you can use for brewing your tea. This water does not contain chlorine or lime and its taste reveals the scent of your tea. Whatever tea you want to prepare or whatever illness you want to treat, mineral water is quality water that very easily penetrates the leaves and makes your drink better. However, you should avoid mineral waters that strongly contain calcium or sodium.

The quality of your tea is highly dependent on the water you use for brewing it. The best water you can use is mineral water rich in trace elements. For a good infusion, water low in chlorine and lime is the recommended quality water. It should be remembered that water contaminated with pesticides should not be used either for making tea or for preparing other food products.
Good tasting !

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