What are the virtues of verbena?

The benefits of verbena

You have probably already had to use verbena in one form or another. Indeed, it can appear in our small dishes or in our cosmetic products. Like aromatic plants, verbena has many properties. What then are the virtues of this plant?

A remedy for digestive disorders

 We can not talk about the benefits of verbena without citing, first, its impact on digestive disorders. Indeed, this plant is recommended to fight:

  • difficult digestion;
  • heaviness in the stomach;
  • flatulence;
  • diarrhea ;
  • nausea ;
  • stomach aches;
  • Etc.

In order to be able to relieve these sentences with verbena, you can get its capsules available in pharmacies. You can also prepare an infusion using the leaves.


An anti-inflammatory against pain

If verbena has been used for centuries and centuries as an anti-inflammatory, it is because it can help soothe pain. Verbena contains prostaglandins which regulate the dilation of the vessels as well as the aggregation of platelets. So, it allows to particularly relieve the pains linked to:

  • arthritis;
  • rheumatism;
  • body aches;
  • the sprain.

To use it in these cases, you will simply have to massage with theverbena essential oil. In addition, this plant would also help to relax the muscles. This is how it facilitates relaxation in the event of fatigue or cramps.

A remedy to relieve stress and anxiety

The list of the benefits of verbena is long. Among other virtues, it has relaxing and sedative effects. It acts directly on the central nervous system to soothe. Verbena is therefore an ideal remedy for stress, anxiety and temporary depression. If it also turns out that you have trouble sleeping, you can use verbena. You will just have to make a verbena leaf infusion. It will allow you to sleep easily.

A gentle palliative against menstrual disorders

In addition to the other properties listed above, note that verbena has a significant effect on hormonal activity. This is how it is used to combat premenstrual pain and to regulate the menstrual cycle. Here, too, you have a choice. You can use verbena as an infusion or a capsule.

Basically, verbena has several properties that make it a great product. Since you already know the benefits, do not hesitate to have it on hand. However, be careful not to abuse it.

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