Green tea and its benefits on the Yeux

What are the benefits of green tea on the eyes?

Today, it is known to all that tea is of great utility to man. Much more than any drink, it has substances that bring enormous benefits to every part of the human body. It can be obtained in infusion or powder. From the same plant, Camelia Sinensis, there are several types of tea: white tea, black, Wulong, smoked, Pu Erh, rooibos, lapacho, maté and obviously the green tea that is the subject of our study.

Green Tea

Essentially produced in China, Japan, Vietnam and Indonesia, the Green tea Is an integral part of the medicinal tradition of these countries. For centuries, the people of China and Japan have used them for several reasons. It is one of the most powerful medicinal plants in the world. Indeed, it is obtained from a series of processes since the collection of the leaves. To avoid oxidation, the leaves are immediately heated either in tanks or steam in order to maintain the concentration of its ingredients. The temperature of the heating of the leaves depends on the desired variety. There are several varieties in each country where it is produced. So, in China, we have: the Chun Mee, The Gunpowder, the Long Jing, the Huang Shan Mao Feng, the Yu Zhu, the Pi Lo Chun

The varieties of the Green tea Japanese are as many as those of China. Among these are the following: Sencha, the Bancha, the Gyokuro, the Genmaicha, the Kukicha, the Matcha, the Shincha And many more.

The ingredients of green tea

The medicinal properties of green tea come from its ingredients. Indeed, it is exceedingly rich in nutrients and the studies carried out on its ingredients attest to it unsurprisingly. Its content varies according to the maturity of the plant. For example, an adult plant contains ingredients such as saponin, phenols, vitamins, minerals, essential oils, alkaloids, and amino acids.

Its benefits to the eyes

There is no longer any doubt about the medicinal abilities of green tea. However, with regard to the eyes, what are its benefits?

With ingredients that are easily assimilated by the human body, the water of green tea brings many benefits to our eyes. Thus, it can:
  • Improve the view. Obviously, with a lack of oxidants, the eyes become exposed and can thus develop diseases;
  • To reduce certain risks, as the tissue of the eyes, especially those related to the retina, react favourably to the different ingredients it contains;
  • Prevent cataract development;
  • Allow to avoid several diseases such as blindness due to weathering of the yellow spot still called macula through the effects of EGCG.
In order to fully enjoy the benefits of green tea for your whole body and for your eyes in particular, we recommend that you consume it in infusion. Thus, all of its ingredients could serve you well.
Enjoy tasting!

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