What teas and infusions to drink during pregnancy?

What did you want during your pregnancy? Was it chocolate? Waffles ? Or was it a desire for tea, delicious, aromatic?

Be aware that often drinks containing caffeine are not recommended during pregnancy, which prevents many mothers to consume their favorite tea.

But drinking tea during safe pregnancy is possible!

Yes this is possible provided that your consumption is controlled, and if it is, you will benefit from it.

You will find below the list of these teas  as well as their benefits. But before consuming these products, do not forget to consult your doctor who will be better able to advise you.

1. Ginger tea
Reduces nausea, helps digestion and relieves stomach problems.

2. Nettle tea
Provides a large amount of iron, magnesium and calcium. One to two cups a day will be enough.

3. Raspberry leaf
This tea facilitates the preparation of the cervix so that it softens on the day of birth.

4. Dandelion leaf
The dandelion leaf is a wonderful support in late pregnancy. Dandelion greens are rich in potassium and have a diuretic effect. We advise you to consume these with a tea in order to avoid their bitter taste.

5. Peppermint tea
Peppermint tea is great for relaxing your (stomach) muscles, helping to relieve stomach aches as well as the frequent nausea and vomiting that you may experience in early pregnancy.

6. Rooibos tea
Rooibos is highly recommended during pregnancy. It is caffeine free, contains calcium, magnesium and antioxidants. It also has beneficial effects on digestion and can relieve colic. Children can also drink Rooibos, and it is nice with milk and a little honey.


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