White tea

History suggests that white tea originated in China. The evolution of the Chinese dynasties punctuated the production processes of this tea until the 18th century, which was marked by a remarkable development. A new process emerged. This process allowed to multiply the varieties of white teas which were exported all over the world several years later.

Today white tea, although it is considered a common drink, contains many secrets. Several studies in the past and in our time have identified some of them.

White tea contains many nutrients and qualities antimicrobial. That is to say, white tea helps you strengthen your immune system and protects you from disease. Yes, green and black teas are equally beneficial, but white tea is the one that undergoes the least transformation (fermentation) which helps maintain high levels of phytochemical.

Here are some of the benefits of white tea that we will come back to in a future article:
- White tea is an antioxidant and anti aging;
- It allows you to obtain healthy and youthful skin;
- Helps to have good oral hygiene;
- Helps balance diabetes;
- Reduces cardiovascular disorders;
- Helps in weight loss.

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