Tea Black or Thé Rouge?

Black tea or Cha hong In Chinese, which means "red tea" is a fully oxidized tea. "Red tea" because unlike the ideas received the tea infusion is black brings a more or less copper infusion ..

The first black tea was called the " "Lapsang Souchong" was produced around the Wuyi Mountain in Fujian province.

The mountainous region in which the tea was harvested was named " Rabbit " And small tea-leaved trees " Souchong ", hence the name of the first black tea.

What is the process of producing black tea?
In fact, nothing complicated. Tea saw its popularity rise, so the Chinese began to increase their production and store it to anticipate demand. It changed the tea! The lengthening of the storage time allowed tea to gain power through a fermentation process that results in natural leaf darkening.

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