3 powerful herbs to relieve headaches

What plants to consume to reduce headaches?

According to a survey, about 80% of women and 65% of men suffer from it regularly. If headaches are generally considered a symptom of a hidden disease, they are often disturbing. Fortunately, there are plants to remedy this. We invite you to discover here three plants and their dosage to reduce headaches.

Leaves of the chamomile

From its scientific name "Tanacetum Parthenium", The chamomile is a plant native to the Balkans to be distinguished from the German chamomile. It is particularly appreciated for its effectiveness against repetitive migraines. Recognized by ESCOP and WHO for its beneficial effects on health, this plant is now widely used in pharmacopoeia. Its leaves indeed have an active agent (parthenolide) which helps prevent migraine attacks.

To reduce the frequency and intensity of headaches, it is advisable to chew between 125 and 250 mg  dried leaves of chamomile per day. If you want, you can take the same amount as freeze-dried leaf capsules or dried leaves.

Willow bark

A tree living in the humid regions of the northern hemisphere, the white willow (Salix alba) is a miraculous remedy for headaches. Indeed, its bark produces salicin. It is an active substance close to aspirin and which the body transforms into salicylic acid. According to studies carried out on this plant, it would have febrifuge and analgesic properties. It is therefore a powerful herb to relieve headache.

For the treatment, it is first necessary to bring to a boil between 150 and 250 ml dwater containing 2 to 3 g of willow bark. Then simmer for about 5 minutes. Drink between two and four cups of this mixture daily if you are not allergic to acetylsalicylic acid. Do not hesitate to consult a doctor if in doubt.

The dried flowers of the Meadowsweet

Native to Europe, the Reine-des-Prés (Filipandula ulmaria) is at the origin of the manufacture of several drugs. Thanks to its high content salicylates  and in flavonoids,  this plant is effective against headache. For treatment, you must:

  • infuse 1 to 2 tablespoons of dried flowers of this plant in 250 ml of boiling water;
  • strain the infusion;
  • drink three cups a day.

Note that the use of this plant is not recommended if you are allergic to aspirin.


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